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Aboricultural Services

Arboricultural Services

Development and planning advice
Hazard suverys and inspections
Planting schemes
Woodland Management

The ecological, environmental and social benefits of trees are well documented. This is reflected by the increasing importance with which trees are considered by our society. Our aim is to assist our clients to retain and enhance those benefits whilst discharging their duty of care and operating within current legislative constraints.

We can assist our clients by providing the following:


Development and planning advice



From pre-purchase surveys to a range of report documents in accordance with British Standard 5837:2005 Trees in relation to construction – Recommendations. The purpose of our advice is to inform the planning process in the first instance for an application to develop and secondly to discharge conditions.


Hazard surveys and inspections


Tree inspections and hazard assessments are an essential part of tree management, and a requirement of a tree owner’s duty of care responsibilities. Tree condition reports may be supplied to Local Planning Authorities as part of an application to carry out works to protected trees.


Planting schemes


Care is required to achieve successful planting both in the short and long term. A failure to consider the many relevant factors that influence this success will inevitably result in wasted resources and the sad sight of dead or dying young trees. From sourcing planting stock to schedules for aftercare we assist clients get it right from the start.


Woodland management


Woodlands if left unmanaged will fall into decline. Canopy closure may cause the loss of many species of flora and fauna whilst invasive species of plants flourish at the expense of more vulnerable natives. This should be avoided for reasons of conservation, amenity and also health and safety. We provide advice to achieve the goal of sustainable and robust woodland.

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