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Woodland management

Woodland Management

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Woodland Management

All woodlands require a degree of management to prevent them falling into a state of dilapidation. Without management many of the woodlands benefits may be lost, many of these benefits can be lost relatively quickly but will take a considerable amount of time to recover, if at all.

We specialise in the management of woodlands for values of conservation and amenity. The key concept of woodland management is sustainability. Woodland management must take account of present benefits and should take any opportunities to enhance and increase those benefits, thus making the woodland more robust for the future.

Woodlands managed for amenity and or conservation provide opportunities for enjoyment of the natural world. The management of trees in the woodland will determine the success of a vast range of woodland flora and fauna to the benefit of even more associated species.

Any woodland that provides public access, or is adjacent to areas of public access will require management of the trees for health and safety purposes to dispense the owners Duty of Care imposed by the Owners and Occupiers Liability Act 1957/84. (Please see Hazard Surveys and Inspections)

Care must be taken to avoid causing the loss of, or damage to, species and habitats afforded protection by the Wildlife and Countryside (WaC) Act 1981 and the Countryside Rights of Way (CRoW) Act 2000.

We will provide detailed management plans specific to the objectives derived from analysis of your woodland. The plan will deal with a range of aspects from public access to stand management to habitat conservation.

Management plans will be tailored to suit the available funding. By programming woodland management for any period of time from five to twenty years and beyond we will assist with your budget allocation.

Funding is available for many aspects of woodland management under the English Woodland Grant Scheme as administered by the Forestry Commission. We can provide assistance with preparation of applications for these grants that are designed to ensure that woodlands are under sustainable management and also to increase the public benefits derived from woodlands.


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