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Planting Schemes

Planting Schemes

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Planting schemes
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Any opportunity to plant new trees requires careful forethought to ensure the maximum benefits are achieved whilst avoiding potential future conflicts.

So many factors will need to be considered. These factors will concern the desired function and visual impact of the new scheme, available budget, plant provenance, soil conditions, moisture availability, climate, the size and availability of planting stock, method of protection and of huge importance a programme of aftercare.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive project management service that will assist with all aspects from the initial planning and design through to sourcing of stock and materials. Furthermore we can design tailor made programmes of aftercare for the crucial period of establishment whilst providing monitoring of plant condition and contract supervision.


Planting schemes and planning conditions


Local Planning Authorities frequently require the submission of a report as a standard planning condition. We will prepare a report for our clients that provide details of species, stock size, planting positions, numbers, the time of planting and programme of aftercare.

In addition we provide a statement of how the planting scheme will integrate with the development over time with regard to eventual sizes and anticipated maintenance requirements.


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